Peugeot 306 Door Lock Prob - PeugeotMan
I\'ve got a Peugeot 306 and I\'m having problems with the front door lock. There seems to be resistance when I put the key in the lock to try and open the door. Its been getting worse over the past 6 months and now its very hard to actually get the door open without doing it from the passenger side.

Does it need oil or washing out somehow or is it just worn?

Any advice appreciated.

Peugeot 306 Door Lock Prob - Aprilia
A shot of spray lubricant into the mechanism might help....
Peugeot 306 Door Lock Prob - Andrew-T
I assume the car has central locking and you don't use the remote? The key has to move the c/l motor as well as the lock barrel mechanism, so the motor may be getting sticky. Take off the interior trim panel and have a look.
Peugeot 306 Door Lock Prob - DL
A shot of WD40 into the door key barrel may well free it off - lack of use often causes the barrels to become inoperative. Also a very common fault on Peugeot 406's too.

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Peugeot 306 Door Lock Prob - Cyd


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