Diesel Engine Air Filter Change interval - Dude - {P}
Just out of interest, I just wondered what the concensus of opinion was amongst forum members about the frequency of changing engine air filters on diesel engines.???

I ask this question as I have just had my E46 320d serviced and actually requested that the engine air filter be replaced, only to be told by the local "main stealer", that it was not necessary at only 13.5k miles from new.

Surely a slightly blocked filter is going to impact on fuel consumption to some extent, so any feed back on this subject would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Diesel Engine Air Filter Change interval - mark999
On all the diesels I have had I found that changing the air filter even well before the recommended interval made a big performance and fuel economy gain.
If it is an easy job buy a genuine filter and pop it in yourself.
If you can try vacuming out the filter housing also.
Diesel Engine Air Filter Change interval - Sooty Tailpipes
Yes, if you can make toast, you can unclip the filter box and put a new one in. Just do one yourself, half way between the schedule. Also, I sometimes tap mine on the fence to shake the sily out, but always be careful to avoid even tiny amounts of dust getting engine side of the filter when you do this.
Diesel Engine Air Filter Change interval - mark999
Not always very easy, The air filter on my yaris was really easy,
the one on my Merc V220Cdi near impossible.
Diesel Engine Air Filter Change interval - DL
Personally I wouldn't worry about it - the filter would have been designed and engineered to last the specified duration.

Do you know the change frequency?

If a customer asked me to change his air filter then I would - it equals more profit, doesn't it?

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Diesel Engine Air Filter Change interval - RichardW
I change mine (Xantia TD) every second oil change eg 12,000 miles. By then the old one looks very black. Prevents any problems of black smoking on heavy acceleration.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Diesel Engine Air Filter Change interval - Malcolm_L
variable here is what environment the car is driven in.
If it's doing motorway work, then the air filter will probably last between service intervals without appreciable degradation in performance.
If however, it's picking up leaves or being driven down an unmade road frequently then I'd at least inspect it mid service point.


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