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Has anyone else experienced a fault on a VW, when you are driving and it displays the Oil warning light and stop!!! consult you workshop. It scares the living daylights out of me this, I last got the car serviced about 5,000 miles ago and obviously the oil and filter were changed. Does anyone think this is consistent with using up this amount of Oil in that mileage. ?????????????????
VW Oil gauge - Aprilia
Well, did you check the oil level? That's a good place to start.
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We assume you checked the Oil, but are you sure it was an oil warning , the last time I saw this it was low hydrualic fluid caused by a crack in the clutch slave cylinder, a known problem apparently. Regards Peter
VW Oil gauge - borasport20
give us a clue -
was it short of oil ?
petrol or diesel ?
engine size ?
usage pattern ?

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VW Oil gauge - Borafeck
I really should have made this a bit clearer, I have a 1999 VW Bora, 2.0se. When the warning light came on the display, I checked the Oil and found that their was none!!!!!
What I have been trying to say is, should'nt there be a warning to tell me that there is insufficient oil or your oil is getting low or am I just being nieve and am I expected to check my oil monthly. As i've said, the car has done just under 5,000 miles since it's last service and I certainly did'nt expect the Oil to go down to virtually nothing before the "STOP" Oil warning light came on. Surely there must be some grace afforded to drivers to alert them to the fact that the oil is getting low.

This is the second time this has happend to me and I have checked my driveway and there are no apparent Oil deposits visible.

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Errrrrrr Yes, checking the oil once a month is a very good idea
VW Oil gauge - Aprilia
Well, its quite an oil burner isn't it?!
Really you should check fluids on a weekly basis. None of my three cars consume any fluids between services (apart from windscreen washer fluid), but I still check every weekend - better to spot a leak early (especially is its brake fluid that's leaking!).

You don't say what the mileage is, but clearly there is a problem with the engine if it is consuming that much oil.
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I have found in the past its worth checking the oil levels the day after a service as I have found on 2 occasions that the oil was not anywhere near full. I had the problem with vauxhall dealers but I guess its not unique to them. The excuse I got was that they were trying to avoid the danger of overfilling!
Checking the oil level regularly is a bit like monitoring fuel consumption it can give you early warning of problems.
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I have experienced this on a 1999 Passat 1.8T - when starting I got the message "oil warning Workshop" which dissapeared after a few seconds. It happened intermittently. Oil level was fine.

Fault was an oil level sensor which Lister's (Coventry) changed on the third visit. Don't know which sensor - its a company car.

VW Oil gauge - borasport20
A quick search of this site, and others, will make it clear that the VAG 2.0 litre petrol engine uses an awful lot of oil, particularly when used for short journeys.

You would be wise to get in to the habit of checking it weekly. But if high oil consumption is all you've got wrong with it, count yourself lucky....

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