saggy bottom 306 - was8v
My 306 seems to have a bit of a low rear suspension when compared to other 306's. Anyone know what this is due to? Do the torsion bars wear?
saggy bottom 306 - Ross_D
Its possible the suspension could have been lowered by a previous owner, if its had one? Does the rear of the car sit level, or does one side sit lower than the other? Because of the design of the rear axle in the 306 (and related cars such as the Cit ZX and pug 205) the bearings in the crosstube can wear sometimes seizing in the axle. This causes creaking and sometimes problems you are experiencing.
The torsion bars themselves wont sag unless the car has had a very hard life. Also worth checking are the 4 rubber mounts the rear axle is mounted on and the shock absorbers.


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