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Dear all,

A friend of mine is considering purchasing a 2001 Y Nissan Micra 1.0S from a local garage. The trouble is that the car has been for sale at a good local independent garage for 18 months now. The car is in excellent condition, and at a good price. It's done 11K, so probably had a busy first year as a rental fleet car, then bought at auction and has sat around since.

While I realise there are possible problems with a car that's been sitting around, realistically is this going to be an issue on a relatively new car (bearing in mind that slow-selling models of cars often sit around on airfields for months before being distributed to a dealers)?

Furthermore, I have known several people buy cars second hand that have been sitting around for some time, and they seem to have no problems. The advice I have given my mate is that I don't really think it's going to be a problem. The Micra is a tought car and provided it's not just used as a weekly shopping trolley (which it won't be - mate covers 150 + miles per week), then it shouldn't be a problem.

However, I'd appreciate your valued thoughts before he decides to part with any cash, in case I'm trusting my instinct too much!

Many thanks,


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I received many helpful responses to my post about reviving a car that had sat unused for a much longer time; you may find something useful in the thread:

The most important weakness was the brakes: a cylinder had degraded and failed shortly after resuming use.
Re: Used car that's been sitting around - M.M

At such low mileage and young age this car should have survived standing OK.

I would want to see it fully serviced/checked before sale (not just the dealers usual "sales service" of an oil and filter) though. New brake fluid would be adviseable plus possibly fresh coolant (depending on existing type).

The front brake discs may be corroded but they could polish with use, beware any hint of judder. The battery may be tired if it has been allowed to go flat several times.

But the biggest thing for me would be why on earth has it been standing for so long. These are quite popular small cars in most areas so what is putting folks off? Massively overpriced, poor colour??

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I would also give the exhaust a good looking over, as trapped moisture due to short start/stops can cause corrosion problems.

I'd agree with MM, why hasn't a popular small car sold so quickly?

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