Road Tax reciept question - Ross_D
Went and taxed the Dturbo for a further 6 months today, another £97 out of the rapidly thinning student account!
Usually when I tax the car, I just simply hand over all the documents and the money. No different this time, but the cashier at the post offcie I was in returned the DVLA reminder to me along with the new tax. This is something that I have never had back before, the PO usually keeps this I thought. Have things changed, or was this an error on part of the cashier? Am I likely to suffer any repercusions due to this? I would have challenged him about it, but there was such a huge angry queue behind me that I thought it were best left alone!

Road Tax reciept question - henry k
My wife returned with the SORN / reminder form in hand too.
I queried it the next day and was told its all in the computer now.
But I wonder did the mileage on the bottom of the form get entered?
Road Tax reciept question - Doc
As long as you have a valid tax disc, then don't worry!

You do not need a licence reminder to tax a vehicle anyway.
Road Tax reciept question - Dwight Van Driver

The "Bar Code" system seems to be working.

Road Tax reciept question - Ross_D
I did wonder about the mileage issue, at no time did the cashier type it in and I had filled the information in on the form!
Well thats my problem solved then, thanks to all who answered!



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