Mondeo Boot Leak - Miller
Hi, I have noticed for the first time today I apparantly have water leaking into the boot of my car, almost all of the boot underlay is s**den.

I have checked the rubber seals around the hatch and they seem ok, but the metal underneath the seals on each side of the hatch was also wet.

Fingers crossed it may be a one off incident after a recent big downpour, but knowing my luck it is more complex than that. I am open to suggestions. It is a 98 model by the way. TIA.
Mondeo Boot Leak - frostbite
IF, (note the 'if') the seals have become a bit stiff with age* then they might not be making such good contact on the bodywork, allowing the leak you describe.

I have found Holts Rubber Lubricant can revive suchlike sufficiently in the past, at small cost.


*I know the feeling.
Mondeo Boot Leak - Dynamic Dave
Previous posts have mentioned that water can get in through the light clusters. Remove rear lights, smear with silicone rubber sealant and replace.
Mondeo Boot Leak - Civic8
D.D is right used to be a common prob on escorts/volvo`s/some granada`s/orions you will soon find out take the trim away from the light clusters and you will see a white residue left by the running water.In a few cases I have repaired the leak was from a cracked lens but most are caused by the cluster fix is as has already been said
Mondeo Boot Leak - Miller
Thanks lads. On second inspection the leak does seem to be eminating from the o/s light cluster. Will have a closer look tomorrow.
Mondeo Boot Leak - Halmer
When I looking for a cheap runaround a few years back I nearly bought a H reg Orion that had been taken in part-ex off an old chap.

Apart from needing a good valet the car had only done a few miles and was virtually untouched. I took it for a test and it ran really well. The dealer wouldn't budge on a daft price tho' and I ended up not having it.

When I looked in the boot, however, there was a ready made plentiful supply of mushrooms and other fungi that must have cultivated in the damp over the years. A known problem with Fords apparently.

With hindsight I could have set up a greengrocers trading out of the rear end of the car.

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