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I am looking for internet sites with any info/tips on LPG cars.

Any ideas?

Thanks Tim

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lpg - DL
www.dnautogas.co.uk/ seem pretty good to me.

Used them previously, with great results!

groups.msn.com/honestjohn - Pictures say a thousand words.....
LPg - xyz123

I am still interested in any internet sites with any info/tips on LPG cars. I am interest in what real users think about this type of car.

Any ideas?

Thanks Tim
LPg - Wrighty
My experience (Volvo V70 Bi Fuel) of LPG lead me to return to the Diesel equivalent as soon as possible. Inferior performance from LPG (probably due to 140 BHP engine/Auto 'Box, and extra weight of LPG kit)as well as very poor MPG.

D5 on the otherhand - Quick, Quiet and 550 miles to a tank.

No contest.
LPg - nick
I had a gas conversion done on a 4 ltre Jep Cherokee a while back. Absolutely brilliant. I noticed no difference in performance and the equivalent mpg was 40.
I'd recommend it on a big engine if you do enough miles. You get the pleasure of a petrol engine with the economy of a diesel, and no smelly fuel.

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