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There is a council owned car park in Ashton-under-Lyne that has been designated as The Macmillan Cancer Relief Car Park, and all revenue from it goes to Macmillan Cancer Relief. Given the size of it, and the fact that it is always full, and it costs £2.50 for a working day, I guess that the charity gets quite a bit of income.

Seems like a very good idea to me. It's nice to see a council not being greedy for a change.

Has anyone seen similar schemes elsewhere?
Charity Car Parks - borasport20
another good idea is 'Heritage windows' (I think) near the Reebok stadium at Bolton. Parking round there is difficult on match days, so for £75 you can by a season ticket to the window companies car park, and the whole £75 goes to the Salvation Army

Thats a win/win/win solution to me - speccies get somewhere to park, they don't clog up the shoppers car park, and the sally army gets the money

(staring once again at an empty car park, while we have to park on the streets)

Charity Car Parks - pdc {P}
Just spent 15 months working in the Town Hall in Bolton. I have never before seen traffic wardens patrol around in 3's. So vicious are they in ticketting that they need to group together for protection.

We would watch them sneakily hide while waiting for some mug to park up, and then ticket them, rather than move them on. Much better to allow illegal parking and cause congestion, in the name of revenue raising, than to prevent the illegal parking in the first instance eh?
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Basildon Council used to open the Council offices car park up to the public for the three or four Saturdays before Xmas every year and allow various local charities to man it and take the proceeds. I always thought it was an excellent idea and in keeping with the season. Basildon town centre has changed a fair bit recently and I don't go there as much as I used to so not sure if they still do it but I think it's something that should be encouraged.


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