Clutch footrest? - jammods
My new car hasnt got one and I miss it, anyone know if these are possible to buy? or will I have to go to the breakers and get one.

The thing is I am not happy about riveting or screwing into my floor panel and would prefer to get one fitted.

Any thoughts/ideas welcome

Clutch footrest? - Ben79
Name and shame the car!

When I drove the Mondeo, I missed a proper footrest.

Having driven a Xsara, Picasso and Saxo with proper footrests, my left foot felt lost and uncomfortable in the Mondeo.

I bought a C5 and the rest is history.
Clutch footrest? - Canon Fodder

Absolutly crucial to comfort, the footrest.

I would have bought a new model Fiesta but for the lack of one, made worse in this case by the footwell being so tiny that the only place for one's left foot was under the clutch pedal.

The Polo I did buy has one of course - I think VAG pay attention to these details.

Clutch footrest? - andymc {P}
"I think VAG pay attention to these details."

Funny you should say that - the one thing I would criticise about the cabin ergonomics of my Passat is the footrest. It seems to slope away from the transmission tunnel at an unnatural angle, and as a result my foot is sort of turned outwards when resting there. Over longer journeys, this can become quite uncomfortable, although this was solved during the big tour in the summer by driving without wearing shoes ...

Clutch footrest? - bax
I wonder if car makers understand how little things like clutch footrests affect customers' perceptions of their products.
Only yesterday someone told me that he would have replaced his old Punto with the new model but found the missing footrest on the demonstrator so inconvenient that he decided to keep the old car. bax
Clutch footrest? - Mondaywoe
Interestingly......I have the footrest on the C5 and its just perfect. Years ago, however, I had a Renault 19. If I used the rest my knee was uncomfortably raised, and touched the wheeel. If I took my foot off I had to rest my foot back on the mat - equally uncomfortable!

Like Ben, though, I find the C5 has acres of room - like driving a bus!

Clutch footrest? - v0n
I always presumed these were missing in UK versions only due to obvious changes that had to be made in design. Neither my Peugeot 306 nor Citroen Xantia have footrests, but I could swear the Xantia I drove on the continent had footrests where it should be...
Clutch footrest? - carl_a
I remember from my days driving a punto that you would rub the clutch rest as you pressed down on the clutch (making some interesting noises), i'm a size 11 (so perhaps not the smallest but there are quite a few with larger feet). They must have removed the clutch rest to solve this problem.
Clutch footrest? - SjB {P}
<<<< Neither my Peugeot 306 nor Citroen Xantia have footrests >>>>

Well some 306's do, as my wife's 1994 306 SR Sedan has one.
Clutch footrest? - jammods
Well my old cars 1991 Hyundai coupe did, my 1995 Pug 405 did.......and the new car a 2001 5 door civic doesnt.

Oh well
Clutch footrest? - HF
I thought the clutch *was* the footrest?...
Clutch footrest? - harry m
now i know where i have been going wrong all these years.
Clutch footrest? - Tony N
>>and the new car a 2001 5 door civic doesnt.

Thats strange, mine does. Which model is it?
Clutch footrest? - jammods
Tony its the 1.4 sport
Clutch footrest? - Ben79

I should really kill you for this

"like driving a bus!"

Eh? Some kind of hot hatch sporting luxury bus.

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