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I've got a P Reg VW Polo 1.6CL Saloon and recently when I have gone out to the car the alarm fob has not been able to disable the alarm/unlock the car. The battery has been tested and is good - tested under load to make sure. The light on the fob does still come on when I press the button though.

The first time it happend, I tried opening the door with the key - and possibly stupidly, thought that this might allow me disarm the alarm and drive away - but no - the alarm went off, immobiliser on - car not going anywhere! Stuck now with car alarm going off in res. area on a Saturday night. Disconnected battery, left it over night! Came back to it in the morning, reconnected battery, all works fine!
Same thing though happend last night - press the fob, nothing (and this was the other fob now)

One thing that was suggested was to hold the button for 20sec to allow the fob and car 'see' each other again. This worked to unlock it - but it didn't reset it straight away - and at this I could drive home so I wasn't going to play.

The question is - is this a fob problem or is it the alarm on the car that is playing up?

I'm off to France in a few weeks so I don't want to be stuck out there and not be able to get into my car!

Cheers in advance for any ideas/help.

Polo Alarm Problems - deltaseven
I would have thought the first thing to try would be the other keyfob - if you have it. If not, then try changing the battery in the Keyfob - and clean the contacts on either side of the battery.

I know you have tested the battery - but for the cost of a battery (probably only 1-2 pounds) its worth trying another one...

Polo Alarm Problems - kennybase
Thanks for the reply. I know its not the battery as the first time it happend I used another one and I also have been using the spare fob but the problem still happend!!

I was just wondering whether any other BRs had had experience of similar problems - as I'm sure that it is the car part that is causing the problems!!
Polo Alarm Problems - Civic8
Could be the receiver not sure where it is on yours around dash area I would have thought.Also where you had the fob checked out they have a little receiver to check your fob is ok.problem is with that if they check it out too close Ie mine was checked out about 2ft away from the unit if the battery is low it will work ok if battery is low and receiver is further away won`t get the signal


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