Mazda RX8 - Phoenicks
Went to my local Mazda dealer on saturday and sat in the new Mazda RX8. Very nice indeed. Seems well put together, very comfy (but didnt even try to get in the back as it looked very cramped)and just a general feeling of 'this is a really nice car'. Then saw one out on the road whilst driving and it looks great. There doesnt appear to be the huge gap in the front wheelarches i'd originally expected from the pictures, and it just looked damn handsome.

Then it was on Top Gear last night, and i have to say i'm mightily tempted with one. Its the first car that i've seen for a long time that has generally surprised me with its new angle and spec. Very nice. Just not too keen on the MPG figures...
Mazda RX8 - bradgate
Agreed, Phoenicks.

The RX8 looks to be that increasingly rare thing, a car which is genuinely interesting and different.

The coupe market is a good place to offer a non-conformist alternative to appeal to petrolheads who are more concerned with driving experience than image, status and badges.

I hope it succeeds.
Mazda RX8 - Maz
I hope it succeeds.

Hear hear. It would show that we're willing to accept something a little different, but more importantly that we can move away from the BMW, Mercedes or Audi coupe axis we class conscious Brits have bought into for too long.

At least one of these Marques is taking us for granted now and rumour is they might even call their next coupe the ELK, just to see if they can get away with it*.

Besides, I'd bet by bottom Bauhaus the RX8 will be more reliable than the Mercs, have less recalls than the TT, and when it comes to resale time, I'd be able to think of something to say about the BMW...

In fact I'm so confident of all this I'd be willing to spend almost anyone's money to prove it.

*Erm, not strictly my joke. Sorry.

Mazda RX8 - Shaz {p}
"I hope it succeeds"

As do all car enthusiasts I hope! Mazda should be applauded for sticking with rx7-rx8 concept.

The only downside to the rx8, IMO is the lack of mid-range torque. Altough I remember hearing that mazda are considering a 300 hp - turbo'd range topper. I think it was a different model (although it shares components) to the rx8 - due out in 2005 - or thereabouts.

Look at the next mx5, looks awesome - a simple, but very effective design (well, the concept car is at least). Altough Mazda designers say over 95% of it can make producion, if the accountants don't get too much of a say in the final product).
Mazda RX8 - Andy P
What about the Nissan 350Z? This appears to be the RX-8s nearest competitor, and with a V^ powerplant and rear-wheel drive it should be a nice car.


Mazda RX8 - Phoenicks
quite like it, but the more i see the pictures the more dumpy it looks. Perhaps in the flesh its very different.

They weren't to keen on it (or rather JC wasnt) on Top Gear. I think they might have said it was very hard work to drive. Not sure.

glad it exsists for sure/
Mazda RX8 - Steve S
Oh my God whaddya mean JC doesn't like it? That's Mazda finished then.

Seriously though I didn't get that impression from TV or his column in the ST. He made some reference to it being skittish in the wet - like other RWD sports cars are not?

Anyway, we are talking about the man who declared that Lotus had ruined the handling of the Elise mk2 - until a guy from Lotus showed him how to drive it!

Careful though - those who hang on the great one's every word won't even try an RX8 if they hear he doesn't like it.
Mazda RX8 - Shaz {p}
"Oh my God whaddya mean JC doesn't like it? That's Mazda finished then"
I think Phoenicks was talking about JC not liking the nissan, not the rx8? I seem to remember jc not loving the nissan too much.

Although the car has more favourable reviews else where, so I would put it down to jc's taste (lack of on this occasion).


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