fire and theft ONLY insurance? - steveatpipex
Anybody know of anybody who can insure a car for fire and theft only? (while it off the road for the winter months.

My current insurer (Esure)only does third party fire and theft which means I would be paying for something I didn't want? I want to garage the car and use the spare across the salt laden roads but looks like a none starter at the moment. :(
fire and theft ONLY insurance? - Armitage Shanks{P}
Hi Steve; at some time in the distant past I had a classic car and reverted the insurance to "laid up" for a few months of the Winter. This meant in a garage, not in use in any way, but covered for Fire and Theft, as you require. The broker who handled this for was:- Peart Insurance on 01539 73066. Tanners Yard, Watreside, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 4DN - no connection other then as a past customer!
fire and theft ONLY insurance? - Cliff Pope
Yes, classic insurance specialists is the route to look at. People rebuilding cars, and adding value all the time, often take out insurance like this.

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