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I have had my Mk3 Golf now for around 2 months. I have been keeping a check on the fuel consumption. I am doing between 32 and 35 mpg. Its a 1.4 CL 4 Speed. I drive about 20 miles a day (in and out of work), most of which is on dual carridge way, some of which is up hill. don't drive it that hard, but I don't hang around if you get what I mean.
Is the fuel consumption normal? I was expecting at least 40 mpg out of it!
What could I do to improve the consumption?
I bought a car from an Independant VW/Audi garage, who mainly deal second hand motors.
Also, brakes squeak while driving at low speeds and when turning corners. Have taken it back to the dealer who has taken the wheel off, checked the pads and disks and found nothing wrong!
Hope someone can help!!!


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30 - 35 mpg doesn't sound too bad for that type of journey. Do you spend much time sitting in traffic? Stop/starting in traffic will destroy your mpg.

There is plenty of info on the web regarding getting the best mpg. Try steady acceleration, reading the road ahead, taking out of gear and coasting down hills (be careful doing this!!). Check your tyre pressure, has the car been serviced recently?

Every time you accelerate and stop you are wasting energy. If stuck in stop/start traffic try leaving a bigger gap and moving at a steady pace. This will also smooth the traffic flow behind you. Hopefully by the time you get close to the car in front the traffic will be moving again and you don't have to come to a complete stop. The downside of this is when you have a driver behind who thinks he will get their quicker if he sits on the bumper of the car in front.
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The key here is possibly the four speed box; while the ratios are almost certainly different to the first four in a five speed box, the fifth gear will still be longer and more economical.

Secondly, on short journeys from cold and with even moderate to brisk acceleration, especially at this time of year when consumption increases (i.e., mpg drops) due to denser air and winter fuel additives, especially at rush hour when the traffic is likely to involve short bursts of acceleration, 30-35 mpg sounds about right.

Nothing to be pleased about, of course, but not outside the normal ranges for this type of car in this type of use.
Low Fuel Consumption - OlafS
Thanks for the help guys,
Doesn\'t matter any more though, car got written off yesterday evening.
Was joining a slip road, which has an entrance, exit to a petrol station and an entrance to a town. Slip road is sign posted for the town in question.
Box van was coming out of petrol station, didn\'t see me. I go ploughing into back of said box van.
Both myself and my passenger walked away from the scene as did the driver of the van.
Thanks to VW engineering. The had it right 10 years ago!!!!
Police say 50/50 as I could have been going a bit slower.
Waiting for insurance companies to sort this out.
All I have to say is pink fluffy dice!!!!
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Sorry to hear about that. Main thing is you're unhurt - count your blessings. My wife is still suffering back pain two years on, and will be affected for life after a speeding truck skidded into her front quarter at a junction. She's still lucky to be alive though.

As for the 50/50, I've heard that some fault can be apportioned to the driver in your situation if the other vehicle has fully entered the road, ie you go into the back of the car rather than the side or rear quarter - the thinking being that if the other vehicle had enough time to pull right into the road, the oncoming vehicle should have enough time to stop/slow down enough to avoid a collision, if it isn't speeding. Given the 0-60 times of a lot of modern vehicles, I'm not so sure I agree with that, but if this was a box van it may apply here. Neverthelss, I still think 50/50 is a bit harsh - even if you "could have been going a bit slower", it's still the other guy who pulled out in front of you, ie into the path of an oncoming vehicle which had right of way. I wonder if fault is ever apportioned on a 70/30 basis - not that that will help your future insurance premiums.

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