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Having just bought a Honda with 2 months Honda warranty left on it, I wondered if anyone could advise me the best route to getting any potential problems identified and fixed before the warranty runs out.


Honda warranty - flatfour
Potential problems are not covered under any warranty, if you are concerned there may be a problem either get a AA Check for your car or if the MOT is nearly due get it done now, if the part is faulty you have back up to your claim, don't take it to a Honda garage for the MOT though.
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I take it you bought the Civic, if so its a good choice.

Presumably its coming up three years old. I would book it for an MOT a month early with the local Honda dealer. You give him the registration document and he can post date - Yes he will be more expensive for an MOT but he will hopefully point out any problems before the warranty expires and fix them.Its unlikely there will be any.
The services are also pricey but they are fixed and you get local collection and delivery and a valet if they are like my local dealers.

Don't worry about reliability - its a Honda.
Honda warranty - Ivor E Tower
Don't worry about anything going wrong, it's a Honda!
I bought a new Honda in 1985 with 12 months' warranty. A few weeks later Honda increased the warranty to 2 or 3 years - can't remember which. Over the next 18 years I hardly had to replace anything other than routine serive items. From memory the one major expense was a brake calliper that seized on, due to lack of use. Still had original pads in it at circa 60,000 miles. New one was a frightful price - about £300 but much cheaper than all those years of paying for extra warranty cover.
Wish I could afford a new Honda now, and wish that Honda offered the Shuttle with diesel power.


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