Pop-ups, but NOT the usual rant! - Cliff Pope
I have no complaint about the usual pop-ups. I fully accept HJ's point that something has to pay for the forum, and I really value what he provides.
But I have suddenly started getting eBay windows that seem to go beyond the normal small pop-ups. They are full-size new browser windows, and consume a lot of processor memory while they are loading, slowing down the forum window. Also even after closing one, another one appears soon afterwards. This seems a new venture in pop-up art. Does everone get them - what is the general view?

May I say again, the Back Room is a wonderful forum, much appreciated, and I accept the need for the ordinary pop-ups.
Pop-ups, but NOT the usual rant! - Dynamic Dave

Please read HJ's instructions in Announcements. Email him with the problems, he can then forward to the advertiser.


For obvious reasons I'm locking this thread.


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