Euro Car of the Year - peterb
How meaingless is this?

According to the London Evening Standard, Fiat have won this more times than anyone else. Says it all really......

I don't know much about the new Panda (or the old one), but last year's (?) award to the 307 was pretty daft. It's an OK car, but not the best in its class and arguably not as good as the now-quite-elderly Focus!
Euro Car of the Year - peterb
Quell surprise!

I guess the only thing to be said in their defense is that the locals in France and Italy DO choose to buy local cars. Why, I even saw an Avantime or two last time I went to Paris!

Euro Car of the Year - Phoenicks
I dont know if winning this is an honour or not. It seems that most of the cars that have won this dont sell very well!

Anyone got any info to prove me wrong or right?
Euro Car of the Year - peterb
Some of these are worthy winners (the Focus, for example), but others are very ordinary. The winner has been French or Italian 23/41 times (not counting the French-built Yaris!).

Let's face it, you wouldn't buy a scale model of many of these...

2004 Fiat Panda
2003 Renault Megane II
2002 Peugeot 307
2001 Alfa Romeo 147
2000 Toyota Yaris
1999 Ford Focus
1998 Alfa Romeo 156
1997 Renault Scenic
1996 Fiat Brava / Bravo
1995 Fiat Punto
1994 Ford Mondeo
1993 Volks Wagen Golf
1992 Nissan Micra
1991 Renault Clio
1990 Citroen XM
1989 Fiat Tipo
1988 Peugeot 405
1987 Opel Omega
1986 Ford Granada
1985 Opel Kadett
1984 Fiat Uno
1983 Audi 100
1982 Renault 9
1981 Ford Escort
1980 Lancia Delta
1979 Simca-Chrysler Horizon
1978 Porsche 928
1977 Rover 3500
1975 - 76 Simca 1307-1308 ( Chrysler Alpine )
1974 Citroen CX
1973 Mercedes 450
1972 Audi 80
1971 Fiat 127
1970 Citroen GS
1969 Fiat 128
1968 Peugeot 504
1967 NSU Ro80
1966 Fiat 124
1965 Renault 16
1964 Austin 1800
1963 Rover 2000
Euro Car of the Year - Phoenicks
Build quality not part of the judging criteria then....
Euro Car of the Year - Jonathan {p}
I wonder why BMW have never won it? And why has vw only won it once?

Probably a bit like the advertising awards ceremony, all self congratulatory back slapping for actually doing the job that you are paid to do. Don't see the doctors awards for most popular operation or best story do you?

Euro Car of the Year - PR {P}
Funny how people take some things as gospel, yet dismiss others out of hand when it suits!
Theres an excellent report on this on 4car website but seems to be experiencing difficulties at the moment, I`ll post link when its working again!
Euro Car of the Year - v0n
I wonder why BMW have never won it? And why has vw only won it once?

Well, because "serious" beemers aren't really middle class, mass production cars. Would you really want Euro Car of The Year to be Clarkson's Rich Kiddie Favourites and list popular Bentleys, BMWs and lower market Aston Martins? On a similar note, why would VW ever win a car of the year? For 80ies dashboards? For the non reformable reverse gear instead of first lottery? For play it safe "oh-we-changed-the-grill-now" revisions? I look through the list and I can't see why Panda wouldn't get the title this year. What car introduced in 2003 would be more worthy in your opinion gentlemen? It's not about "currently best in the class", it's about "best new car of the year". You might wonder why it isn't for example Citroen C2, which, again, doesn't mean that it's always between Italians and French, it only means that the rest of the manufacturers can't bothered to come up with anything new. I don't think this it is beauty pageant either, title doesn't say "prettiest car of the year". I think bang for buck plays its part as well, in which case Panda becomes a clear choice over C2.

Besides, the common view on this side of the channel is that minibreadvan Focus is prettier than Almera, our school mums think it?s cool to drive bullet proofed 4x4 Landrovers in town and fugly Corsa is more popular choice than Punto. It gets to show you, with all due respect, what do we know about cars?
Euro Car of the Year - Phoenicks
I dont think the Porsche 928 was a middle class car, but it still won.....

Euro Car of the Year - Canon Fodder

That's an interesting list peterb.

I think the most telling thing is that the only Golf to win was the lemon of '93, without doubt the worst golf of the lot, while in 1975 the Chrysler Alpine took the honours - woof woof!

There are some gems in there as well of course '70 to '73 was a particular purple patch......

Euro Car of the Year - 3500S
And they certainly started off with the best of intentions in 1963 ;)
Euro Car of the Year - Phoenicks
Yeah, as mentioned 3500, reliability doesnt seem to be a factor.. ;-)
Euro Car of the Year - 3500S
Yeah, the SD1, superbly concieved car, brilliant design, a V8 hatchback built by a badly trained Austin Morris workforce and the early cars were terrible. The later cars though made in Cowley were superb. A mint 1986 210bhp twin plenum recently went for over £7000.
Euro Car of the Year - GTLK
Ahh, but what's really the best car on the list - the most interesting; something different yet suitable for a family - yes the NSU Ro80. Dad had 5 yes five of these, one converted to Ford V4, two for canibalisation and two that ran and if serviced and driven properly ran and ran and ran....until the rotor tips went!

Loads of internal room, dead quiet and would still be modern if launched today with the Audi 2.5V6 TDi. Bring it back!!

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