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I am looking to buy a Toyota Corolla T-Spirit 1.6, DCCOOK have offered this car at 10995 350 for metalic paint. The car will be pre-registered (this is not a problem) and they have assured me that this is a 53 plate UK model with 3 years warrantee. My only worry is that this does appear to be very cheap (I am unable to find any one even close to this price). It come with deliver millage (less than 100miles). Has anyon delt with this people before? are there hidden costs or problems with buying this way?
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there was an earlier thread regarding this company


my view still unchanged but willing to be convinced otherwise.

hope that helps, maybe not the answer you want, sorry.
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I have the very same car, but from my local dealer. Got the price down to mid £12k with metalic, so whilst you have a nice deal, I don't think that £11345 for a one owner Corolla isn't far off the mark.

I have no knowledge of DC Cook though-never bought from them.

What do you make of the Corolla?
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Hi a mate of mine is thinking of buying one of these, how do you rate yours? what is the performance, build. fuel consumption like...has it been reliable. Is the dealer service good.

Thanks for any replies...

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I've owned my 1.6 T-Spirit since early 2003. Bought new from my local Toyota dealer. Buying service was fine-always is when you're buying!.

Bad points:

Had a small prang shortly after picking car up-took dealer 4 attempts to replace front bumper correctly
Numerous rattles, squeaks and clunks from around the car, some fixed by myself and felt pads, others which only yesterday appear to have been sorted by the dealer after previous attempts
Engine mounts and inlet manifold replaced (Toyota have revised these parts due to owner complaints)
Whole top of dashboard needs to be replaced if I want the gap between radio panel and top of dashboard to go away-don't think I will bother-replacement will open up more problems with squeaks!
Toyota GB take no ownership of issues-always refers back to dealer

Good points
Car is well equipped-CC, steering wheel mounted controls for radio/cd, clear and bright dash, eleccy mirrors/windows/sunroof. Nice front centre armrest with storage. Split/fold rear seats with good load space. Seats comfy-driven for 4 hours without major aches and I'm over 6ft and many stones in weight!
Performance is nippy, and fuel consumption is around 330miles per tank (shell optimax every time), all around town driving.
Dealer is always friendly, just not very sharp at solving problems

I moved from Audi due to appalling quality and dealership. Feel a bit like I've jumped into the fire from the frying pan. However, overall the car does it's job well. If I didn't have these quality issues I would love the thing. Now I'm only undecided!.

On the quality front, I think Toyota are maybe heading the M Benz have done in the past few years.

Any more questions, just fire away.

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