Best 5 grand diesel estate? - jonesy127 {P}
Could soon be on the look out for a replacement for a Mk3 Golf 1.8 GL. Requirements include space for mad labrador (hence estate), diesel for lots of miles, air con/abs/twin airbags, and similar (ish) dimensions to the Golf to keep SWMBO happy.

Considering a Focus, but slightly put off by the no doubt older diesel engine I'd get for my £5000, as well as the many 'what to look out fors' as listed in HJ's car-by-car breakdown. The Mk4 Golf was initially considered also, but I'm of the opinion that it's not as good as it should be?

Any suggestions?
Best 5 grand diesel estate? - mare
What about an Octavia estate. It's a Golf underneath.

SLX / Elegance spec is good, CD player, alloys and climate control, also 110bhp engine rather than the 90 in GLX / Ambiente.
Best 5 grand diesel estate? - Vansboy
Get her to check out the dimensions of a 406. with all that glass area, she'll probably be OK.

Auction will offer you plenty W/X plates 80/90,000 milers at this price. Go 110 HDi, in GLX spec & you'll be more than glad you did!

Best 5 grand diesel estate? - GTLK
Two years I rented a Focus diesel in Italy, presumably with the old engine. It was very good. The year later, rented one with the newer engine (there was a TDCi badge at the back). That was amazing.

I'd go with the Focus any day of that size of car. can find a Golf estate that meets you requirements they are rare, and boring, but may suit your other half better?
Best 5 grand diesel estate? - Graham
anything that will run on veggie oil!

VW or Merc then.


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