Bird Muck.... - Hazychris
... I've got some on my car. Not normally a problem, but this stuff is tacky like gum (and blue, and smells of menthol - I reckon the neighbours have been putting cough sweets out on their bird table) and doesn't come off with normal scrubbing from a sponge, and I don't want to damage my paintwork.

Any suggestions for products / approaches that can get rid of it?

Bird Muck.... - Wales Forester
If your paintwork is still original and sound, find your nearest garage with a jetwash, preferably one that has a 'hot' programme, and try to blast it off.
Obviously be careful and try not to get the lance too close.

Hope this helps.
Bird Muck.... - bunny
Its proably berries causing issues with sticky poo! We have a bush with berries and when the birds eat from it the poo they leave in the surrounding area is sticky and horrible.its by a bench which surprisingly doesnt get used much any more.....Try autoglym products. My other half swears by their wax and its great at preventing foggy windows!
Bird Muck.... - Dizzy {P}

I know the stuff you mean. It gets deposited on my new garden wall (topped with engineering bricks) and will not wash off with water. I suspect it is elderberry but have never come across such sticky deposits before. Vigorous scraping with a piece of wood whilst playing water on it does eventually move it from the wall, but you can't do that on a car!

If the normal car cleaning products won't remove it you could try white spirit, preferably followed by car polish.
Bird Muck.... - Altea Ego

its the brids eating berries. You need to be very careful with this type of bird poo its very acidic and can eat into the paintwork in hours. As has been noted it stains too.

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