fiesta mk 4/mk 5 - pastyman
I was told by a Ford dealer that i have one of the last fiesta mk4's(face lifted version-focus style lights/smiley grill), the car was built in november 99 and i understand the new shape fiesta mk5 was sold from november 99 onwards. Does anyone know when the mk4b actually finished production as i keep seing mk4b's on a 51 and 02 plates, this is a bit confusing and quite the opposite to what i have been told by my ford dealer, did ford make the mk4b and the mk5 side by side for a while of would these mk4b's be somewhat old stock ?

Answers on a postcard please.

fiesta mk 4/mk 5 - king arthur
It's a bit confusing with all these facelifts! The mk3/mk4/mk5 Fiesta are all basically the same car - the "new shape" Fiesta only appeared in 2002, I believe. The Fiesta with the "Focus" style front end was the mk5 and was built from 1999 to 2002.
fiesta mk 4/mk 5 - Hawesy1982
I would guess that these older version cars have sat around in a field for a year or two before being registered, and thus are on newer plates than the manufactured date of the car.

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