Brand new MX5 Problems - khwalker
I have a 3 month old MX5 Nevada that I bought from new. With the onset of cold weather it has been having problems starting in the mornings. Some times it is fine, other times it will reluctantly chug to life and sometimes turn over 10-15 times before firing. This seems to happen more when it is on a slight slope....any ideas anyone? It's almost as if petrol is not getting through....It's been to one dealer who said that they couldnt find any problems!

Additionally to this, when I pull up and stop (say traffic lights) the revs dip so low that it almost stalls and then evens out...ideas?

And to top it all off, the roof is starting to sag noticeably....

Any help/guidelines much appreciated!

Brand new MX5 Problems - Roger Jones
Are you doing lots of short journeys, so that the car doesn't warm up properly? You could try a fuel additive/injection cleaner, which cured one of my cars of such symptoms when it was being used that way and was coking up fast. Try the VW/Audi stuff: part number G 001 700 03.

If that doesn't help, let us know, as I have two MX5 friends and they might be able to make suggestions.
Brand new MX5 Problems - Carl2
It may be worth having the plugs cleaned . New cars tend to get started and stopped rather a lot before the car leaves the showroom which can foul the plugs. If the car has had a few decent runs this should have been sufficient to clean the plugs.
Brand new MX5 Problems - martint123
"Idle drop" is often mention on the (USA) MX5 forum they have a searchable forum and also a 'garage' section that may have pointers.


Many owners have complained about stalling or being on the verge of stalling after stopping at a light. The most common cause seems to be the idle speed. The Miata idle speed is specified as 850 ±50 RPM. If you have a tendancy to stall, try adjusting the idle speed to the maximum of the range or 900 RPM. Adjust the idle speed screw.

The above requires a jumper putting in the diagnostic connector. I would have thought the dealer should know about this.

On mine, new plug leads sorted out the idle drop and a bit of hesitation when flooring it - but thats at 100k+ miles - shouldn't be a problem on a new car.

Brand new MX5 Problems - alapppy

I had loads of similar problems with my nevada also three new clutch plates to boot! It needs very high revs to pull off and not to judder In the end I gave the car back It was my third mx5 All I can say what happened to great car they they used to make


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