vw polo warm air ducting - Tim J
I recently bought a a 1992 vw polo genesis. I noticed that the warm air ducting has been removed and the manifold changed so a pipe can no longer be connected to the manifold. Will this effect the car in anyway?
vw polo warm air ducting - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hi Steve,

Yes, the warm air ducting is quite important on this engine, as I have seen several cars suffering icing around the throttle butterfly without it. Wonder why the manifold has been changed ? In the absence of anything on the manifold to connect the ducting to I would simply try to fix it as close as possible to the manifold, and at least by taking it around the back of the engine it is going to be a lot warmer that it is at present.

Some of these also have an electric manifold heater immediately below the throttle body, which can be checked for resistance and supply, or simply be seeing if it is getting hot. But be careful, it does get b****y hot.

Regards, Adam
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