My Citroen ZX sometimes won't start? - truckernorm
I have a J reg Citroen ZX which ocasionally cuts out on me while driving and will not restart. I have found success in restarting it if I unplug and reconnect the ignition amplifier unit on the side of the distributor. It then restarts straight away. I have replaced the amplifier and the coil and it still does this. As it only does this sometimes then I cannot take it to a garage, as they can't fix/pretend they have fixed it and I won't know till it does it again. It hasn't really done it all summer, but has started to do it again as the weather has turned a little colder.
The problem is driving me made as I can't find out whats wrong with it. Why does unclipping and reconnecting the amplifier solve the problem?
Can someone please help as I find it a bit worrying that the engine can just cut out on me whilst driving, but I can't see any way round it without it costing me a fortune at garage, to maybe not even have the problem resolved.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
My Citroen ZX sometimes won't start? - Humpy
?Water ingress? direct contact or condensation, perhaps. I know I had a problem with the ignition on my volcane until I went round all the electrical switches and spark plug covers with vaseline. That solved the problem.
My Citroen ZX sometimes won't start? - David Davies
As the problem occurs only in colder conditions I'd suggest you check the heated air supply to the carburetter i.e. the air trunking leading from the exhaust manifold to the air cleaner.You also need to verify whether you are losing ignition spark when the engine cuts out.An easy way to do this is to obtain a piece of high tension wire about a metre long,with suitable end connectors to fit your ignition coil. Then when the engine cuts out you can connect one end of your test wire to the ignition coil tower and hold the other end about 5mm from a good earth with your right hand whilst you crank the engine over with your left hand.If you see a spark at the 5mm gap you probably don't have an ignition problem.P.S.You won't get a H.T. shock if you keep the gap to 5mm.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)
My Citroen ZX sometimes won't start? - Humpy
>>You won't get a H.T. shock if you keep the gap to 5mm

Anyone from H&S wish to comment...:)
My Citroen ZX sometimes won't start? - truckernorm
Thanks guys,
However I do have a few questions.
1. Would condensation in the electrics cut the car off after already driving for quite some time (over half an hour at least, would the water not have dispersed once the engine gets heated up)?
2. Can I use a stroboscope rather than sparking to check the electrics (or do I have to see that a spark is produced)?
3. Does anyone know why unplugging and reconnecting the ignition amplifier makes it start again (does this reset some kind of cut off)?

Hopefully (perhaps not) it will cut out again soon and I can test the electrics and I can let you know what happened.

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