Car Insurance - budu
Can anyone recommend a good online insurance company/broker/website please?
Car Insurance - Blue {P}

They were excellent for me as a young driver, and their service was excellent, although I never made a claim to find out how good they are in an emergency!

Car Insurance - No Do$h
Can't fault their claims process (Liverpool Vic). Mrs No Dosh had her Laguna pranged when sat at traffic lights and the car was assessed when they said it would be assessed, collected and returned on time and repair carried out very well.

I used to work for them and the staff sentiment was "don't bother" (Not unusual as the attitude has been the same at every insurer I've worked for) but as a paying customer I have been very impressed.
Car Insurance - Rob the Bus {P}
We've insured both our cars with Budget and have been very impressed with their simple, easy to follow website (we're both a bit thick ;-) ) and the way in which they do what they say they'll do when they say they'll do it.

Like Blue Oval, though, we've not had to put them to the test yet!


Car Insurance - Welliesorter will get you quotes from several sources. I found none of these to be as cheap, or with the same level of cover, as Frizzell. This is Liverpool Victoria by another name.

Actually, the most expensive quote I received (three times what I'm paying and hundreds more than most) was from a large and very well known company that's constantly advertising how cheap it is.
Car Insurance - clariman

(no connection, except as a satisfied customer!)
Car Insurance - clariman
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Car Insurance - Wales Forester

Car Insurance - budu
Many thanks, fellow motorists, for all these leads.
Car Insurance - GIM

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