vw polo cutting out - tango
dear all,

I got a 1.4 1997 polo and occassionally it cut out . about 7000miles ago i had a same problem and a friend had a look at the distributors and it has lots of metal filing in it .
A new one bought from vw and the car ran find until now. the problems seem to be the same again ( slowing down to a corner and clutch it in and the idle would flicker unsteady and the engine would die. restart and its ok for awhile. )
Any suggestion please .

vw polo cutting out - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Check inside the distributor cap and see if the filings are back. The problem is caused by a slack timing belt and seems to affect the Magneti Marelli distributors more than the bosch ones. If all is ok in the distributor then clean up the throttle butterfly. This is a common problem. Finally if that fails to help then you may need a new throttle body which will have to be adapted to the ECU.

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