Seriously Weird behaviour... - Ian (Cape Town)
This appeared on a local motoring site today. I do not advocate this practise, however, I post it to show how goofy some people are! [hopefully Quentin Wilson didn't do this report on GMTV today ...]
For FWD Drivers
Has anybody tried tray-sliding?

Get 2 hard plastic trays. The kind some mushrooms come in. They're marginally bigger than the footprint of your rear wheels.

Some crafty trimming with a craft knife will allow you to park your rear wheels on them. Pull up the handbrake, drop the clutch and let rip.
In an empty parking lot preferably.

Fun for a few minutes - until the security guards get to you. Don't forget to release the h/brake to effect your getaway.

Now, let me see what the Mrs has got stored in the cupboard...
Seriously Weird behaviour... - Dwight Van Driver
......and the trays come shooting out from the rear wheels and through the supermarket window.

Lets have you address Ian so I can send the bill....

Seriously Weird behaviour... - Aprilia
Presumably it gives a kind of 'rear wheels on ice' effect?
Seriously Weird behaviour... - henry k
I think we had a demo of cars racing this way on the Driven program a while back. I recall it was on a track with old bangers.

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