High Insurance Risk Categories - Cardew(USA)
An American company that assesses driver risk for insurance companies has published the results of a survey covering 1 million drivers over an 18 month period.

The worst category was Students followed by Medical doctors, Lawyers, Architects and Real Estate Agents. For interest the best were Farmers followed by Firemen, Pilots and Politicians.

In surmising the reasons why Students easily topped the poll it stated that "They're inexperienced and lack a healthy dose of fear." nothing surprising there I suggest.

However interestingly one reason given for categories 2 to 5 was:
"Lots of cell phone use, a common factor among doctors, lawyers and real estate agents, may also contribute, said the spokesperson. There's plenty of evidence that shows that cell phone use is a big contributor to accidents"

Food for thought!

I wonder is if a similar survey has been carried out in UK.
High Insurance Risk Categories - Cardew
Great thread!!!
High Insurance Risk Categories - Jag_XJ
I guess that explains why insurance for an 18 year old on a 3.2 Jaguar XJ is a tad high :-) Then again, I was expecting that...

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