rover 620 diesel - mart1711
Please can someone help me!!! i have a p reg rover 620sldi. lately it has lost power between 2800 and 3000 revs while trying to accelerate. Had the turbo tested and it is supposed to be fine. plenty of pulling up to the points when it loses power. any possibilities???
rover 620 diesel - DAE
Check that the fuel filter is clean and that the fuel supply hoses are not obstructed in any way.
Check that the air filter is clean and that the air intake is not obstructed in any way.
Check that the air hoses to/from the intercooler are not squashed.
Check that the various small-diameter vacuum pipes between the EGR valve / turbo / solenoid valve (mounted on bulkhead) are sound (i.e. not leaking) or haven't fallen off.
Check that the inlet manifold isn't choked up (on high mileage cars they can fill up with black goo from the egr valve).
If it's done more than 6000 miles since the last oil change, it might be worth giving it an engine flush (Forté is the best stuff) then refilling with quality 10W40 or 5W40 oil and fitting a new oil filter. Rover specify 12000mile oil changes but that's far too long.
Also might be worth trying a diesel injector cleaner.
rover 620 diesel - Leon on Derv
Just had a similar sounding problem cured on my Leon.

Symptom was best described as excessive turbo lag. Speed increased better under lighter use of the throttle if that makes sense.

Cause was a knackered Air Mass Meter. Aparently even diagnostics (Seat Dealer Diagnostic Check) can mis-report this fault. At £220 it isn't the sort of thing I would just buy to try.

Made a big difference once replaced. Could be worth a look. Perhaps one of the regulars could advise how to eliminate this as the cause without having the cost of a visit the dealership???

rover 620 diesel - DL
Any warning lights coming on? The boost pressure sensor always gave me hassle. Situated on the engine bulkhead with an upside down connector which holds water = bingo!

AMM faults didn't seem to occur on the 620 Di

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rover 620 diesel - mart1711
am not getting any warning lights at all.. i went an brought an air mass meter (160 quid) and it wasnt this???? it is so annoying now.. i think its gonna be a back to rover job!! apart from this the car is as new and i dont want to get rid id sooner sort this out!!

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