New Avensis vs The Clash - Dogbreath
I used to like the Jam, the Clash, Stranglers etc. Now I have a Honda Accord and every time I see the new Avensis I think - I would really like one of those.

People won't agree I know., but for me the Toyota badge has more kudos than a Merc or Beemer. When I see the German marques, I think nice car but what a waste of money.

When I see the Avensis I think great car, great value, I want one.

New Avensis vs The Clash - El Hacko
beauty, as always, in the eye of the beholder ... I am seeking a Japanese replacement for my Lexus (I want front wheel drive and hatchback). I cannot warm to the external appearance of the new Avensis, altho not quite as ugly as the Primera. Am now edging twds the Mazda 6 - reliability looks assured, just a case of quality of interior and ride etc, all to be tested when I try one.
New Avensis vs The Clash - Marty McFly
I have had a test drive in the Avensis Tourer and Mazda 6. The Mazda was good to drive and the steering was excellent but it seemed a lot noisier inside than the Avensis. I was pretty impressed with the Avensis, the ride was good, it was quieter than the Mazda, although I don't think it'll be as fun to drive. My taller partner felt she had more room in the Avensis both in the driving seat and at the back. There is also a touch more boot space. I do a lot of motorway driving and currently, if I have my partner with me, she'll be sitting in the back looking after our toddler so this swings me in favour of the Avensis.

I think both cars look good, the Avensis looks a bit like a Passat. The Mazda salesman that I dealt with was much more knowledgeable and interested in selling me the car. He was also more prepared to give me a good trade in price for my car and cut a deal on the list price. The Toyota salesmen didn't seem to want to talk discounts until I bought hard evidence.

The Avensis works out more expensive but you can get good discounts on the list price and if you put down enough cash interest free credit.

New Avensis vs The Clash - Robbie
I've just ordered a new Accord Tourer diesel and I wouldn't change it for an Avensis, although I had considered an Audi A4 Avant.

Can't wait to get it.
New Avensis vs The Clash - Robbie
A female Penang Chinese friend of ours thinks my long term
Avensis is a really good looking car.

What\'s that they say about Chinese women?

I dunno, but I bet it has nothing to do with motoring.... ND
New Avensis vs The Clash - frostbite
Robbie does have a point there - but probably not the one he had in mind.

Considering the cultural differences, e.g. architectural etc., something which appeals to Eastern eyes may not be the first choice of a Westerner.
New Avensis vs The Clash - El Hacko
architects from the company I work for have come up with with a classic English village design for a "new town" in China - seems they admire many Western images these days.
New Avensis vs The Clash - runboy
Having owned my new Corolla since early 2003, I would warn people to think twice about the "supposed good quality of Toyota cars and it's dealers". I'm still trying to get minor issue sorted NOW, let alone a few months ago when I told my dealer about them.

I've heard the Avensis is better, and I must admit to liking the car-and prices are starting to be discounted big time.

But I still like the Accord-in a few years there will be more Avensis than Accords, and I believe the Accord is better built.
New Avensis vs The Clash - Nsar
>>I used to like the Jam, the Clash, Stranglers etc. Now I have a Honda Accord and every time I see the new Avensis I think - I would really like one of those.<<
Maybe it's a (very) delayed subconscious response to the launch TV campaign which used Iggy Pop's the Passenger as the backing track. Mr Pop you should be ashamed of yourself!
New Avensis vs The Clash - No Do$h
Yes, that ad convinced me to consider the MkI Avensis and following an initial drive I went for it. Big mistake. Dull dull dull dull dull with side order of seasickness due to the choppy ride. Never again.


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