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i have just had some burk write off my k,reg pug 205.
i have heard that where it is not your fault you should be
compensated so that you will be back on the road in a car
similar in price and condition to the write off. with that in mind should i accept the £650 the isurance company has offerd
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If you want more, you'd have to provide them with evidence that a similar replacement is more expensive, so you would need to search for adverts for a similar car and see how much they're askingon average, then tell the insurance company how much they're going for and that you can't accept their offer.
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Inline - cull as many ads as you can from local papers, autotraders etc, plus if you had your car serviced regularly by one garage, ask them nicely if they will write a short letter confirming that the car was in excellent condition (or whatever) and well maintained. Send these by recorded delivery to the insurance co and preferably keep photocopies. If necessary, be prepared to sue the other driver for your losses as you are entitled to be in the same position after your claim as you were in before the accident.
Sorry to hear of the problem and good luck in getting compensation.
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Not only claim your excess back from the third party, but get £250 for the increase you will have on your premiums for 5 years. Even if your NCD was protected, or even if you use legal cover to claim directly from the third party without claiming from your insurer, you will have to disclose it and your premiums will go up 10%.

I asked about claiming this money at the time of the crash, and was told my premiums wouldn't be affected as it wasn't my fault.

My renewal was up £150, so i shopped around and the others told me it would be about £50 more once I told them of the crash where an unisured 3rd party hit me up the back! now that was not claimed off my insurance, my legal cover obtained the £900 from the third party's mum.
Yet I will probably be £250 down over 5 years! never again!
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.. should i accept the £650 the isurance company .. >>

Whose insurance? Yours or the "burks"?

The advice given by others above is sound.
This is what I would do: I would personally not bother my own insurance except to keep them fully informed. Use a solicitor, or the no-fault accident claim services offered by AA, RAC, and even some manufacturers. (Pug may have their own scheme.) It is then responsibility of the "burk" to put you in the situation you were in before the accident. Send your claims to him, unless/until his Insurers step in and accept full responsibility. How he does that is for him to worry about.

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