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I have a Seat Ibiza 1.4, which takes 95 RON unleaded petrol. The manual says that the engine will not take advantage of a higher octane rating. I know that Shell Optimax is good for engines - is this true of their 95 RON petrol too? What brand of 95 RON unleaded would be best for my engine?


- David
Best 95 RON Unleaded - Doc
What brand of 95 RON unleaded
would be best for my engine?

The cheapest! as long as it has the relevant BS number.
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Apparently, Shell comes out at around 95.6 rather than the 95.2 average so, as well as having a good detergent package, is also the best premium Ron.

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The cheapest, I don't believe there is a difference, as I see the supermarket tankers fill up at the clusters of fuel depots where I work, ASDA take Total-Elf -Fina, and Morrisons take Texaco, I don't know about the others as they use plain tankers that just say Hoyers or P&O..

It is possible they add a different additive at the point of loading the tanker, but I see no evidence of such (such as different storage tanks marked with the same contents)
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ASDA take Total-Elf -Fina, and Morrisons take
Texaco, I don't know about the others....

I've seen a Texaco tanker delivering to the Spar garage down the road on more than one occasion.
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Although the supermarket vs branded petrol discussion pops up regularly, the best information that I can recall was from

where Alvin and Motel gave inside information from tanker-drivers. To quote them:

"Alvin: I imagine that all fuel comes from the same refinery and is probably the same.
As regards a difference at the pumps this must come from the additives.
Have posted this before but will repeat.... my son in law was a tanker driver for Wincanton working out of Tamworth and Nottingham until about a year ago.
I asked him the last time about the additives and his answer was.
Working nights for example which he did for several years they perhaps have three full loads to do during their shift.
The filling of the tanker into its separate pots (as they call them) is carried out by the driver.
They are also given a card by the clerk which they slot into the additive mechanism and injects the particular additive for whoever would be receiving the fuel. Wincanton did all of Texaco so the additive mixture would be dedicated to them only.
Any other retailer would have the additive which they had specified. The driver has no knowledge of the additive but simply inserts a specific card for a specific retailer.
I imagine there is a little secrecy about this from what he says.
He was also told by the older drivers that years ago when the main players used to have their own tankers (no longer) one of them used to have a separate additive tank and the driver had to inject this at the place of delivery into the tank before pumping.
And the biggest fright for every driver was the dreaded one of putting the wrong fuel into the wrong forecourt tank.
And it happens periodically which puts a black mark on the driver and instant action required from the supplier.
He tells some interesting tales on these incidents."

"Motel : Hi All i am a retired tanker driver 20 years with Texaco 3 years with shell 5 years with Tesco and 3 years with Safeways and worked out of the large oil terminal at Buncefield Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire the petrol arrives at this terminal from 3 pipe lines BP corringdon, Fina/Total Immingham, and Shell Stanlow, and all grades come down the same pipe and pumped into the companies storage tanks in there own depots each driver is given a loading card like a credit card and if a Tesco driver loads in BP the computer knows who he is and injects the correct
addertive, they dont hold special tanks for third party buyers
i have used Tescos fuel also Asda and Safeways and Sainsburys in
my Volvo Which is now 17 years old and still going strong with 152.000 miles on the clock if it was rubbish i would not use."

Best 95 RON Unleaded - eMBe {P}
postscript: the following link is for anoraks or petrol-heads

where you can find out more about petrol e.g.

"...4.12 Are brands different?
Yes. The above specifications are intended to ensure minimal quality standards are maintained, however as well as the fuel hydrocarbons, the manufacturers add their own special ingredients to provide additional benefits. A quality gasoline additive package would include:-

octane-enhancing additives ( improve octane ratings )
anti-oxidants ( inhibit gum formation, improve stability )
metal deactivators ( inhibit gum formation, improve stability )
deposit modifiers ( reduce deposits, spark-plug fouling and preignition )
surfactants ( prevent icing, improve vaporisation, inhibit deposits, reduce NOx emissions )
freezing point depressants ( prevent icing )
corrosion inhibitors ( prevent gasoline corroding storage tanks )
dyes ( product colour for safety or regulatory purposes ).
During the 1980s significant problems with deposits accumulating on intake valve surfaces occurred as new fuel injections systems were introduced.


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