Meguilar's - any observations - THe Growler
This, the Gold version polish, sells in my local store for the equiv of £8.67 for about 300 ml vs good old-fashioned Turtle Wax which runs £2.47 equiv for the same amount. Both are US imported.
The former claims to be the duck's guts but it's only wax after all and very expensive. I'm wondering whether I should treat my new car to it and if so what benefits can I expect, or just stick with the tried and true.

Somebody must know.
Meguilar's - any observations - matt35 {P}
I have used Meguiars system types 1 2 and 3 for two years - the car looks better than new.
Now and again, I use 3M Imperial Handglaze to get back to the base and start again with Meguiars.
Very easy to use and puts a great skin on the paint!
Meguilar's - any observations - oldtoffee

I'm a Meguiars fan - converted from twenty years plus of using Autoglym. The finish and shine with the Gold Class wax product is outstanding. It is expensive even compared to Autoglym but I reckon I'll get at least 6 waxes out of a bottle (2 years worth) which is less than £2 per wax. Let us know if you try it and how you get on.
Meguilar's - any observations - mab23

Another high-end polish you might want to consider is Finish First - - only available from the US as far as I know.

I haven't compared it with Autoglym or Meguiars but others have and think it's the dogs danglies, especially for longevity on your car. It lasts months and a quick wash and your car is looking great again.

Meguilar's - any observations - 3500S
I use the Meguilar's Gold stuff on my old car, I find that excellent for dark coloured cars as it really brings out deep colour well (Mexico Brown looks like deep mahogany with this stuff, almost a dark brown/black). It hasn't got any cutting agents in it either which for old paintwork is good news. The veneer in places is getting a bit worn.

However, it's not that enduring maybe after some bad weather it might need re-applying and their carnuba wax is much longer lasting but it really takes some polishing to get that stuff off.

I think Autoglym is good all rounder, easy to apply, get off and gives a good finish. I like to call it 'a fast wax'.
Meguilar's - any observations - matt35 {P}
For a very wide range of detailed (mostly boring) info on how to keep your new car in top nick - go to;
On the right margin, scroll down to detailing, get a case of beer and settle down the next time you have a very wet evening in Manila?
Meguilar's - any observations - Vansboy
YEP! I'm converted, just about!

Always used to rant on about how good Mer was. But certainly on a new car, you don't need the mild abrasive properties of Mer, Gold wins.

What you need to do, when you go to but the stuff, is HAGGLE!! There is a generous margin, as it is a premium product, so won't be openly discounted.

& make sure you follow directions, a little really does go a long way!!

Check the hints n tips on site.

Meguilar's - any observations - THe Growler
Thank you squire, I shall invest in a bottle of Meguiars and some new polishing cloths and get Growlette to don her spaghetti top and cut off denims to do the needful, while I provide advice and and counselling over a cold cleansing ale or 6 from a relaxed position.

Rainy season over now, pleasant 25 C evenings.

Certainly I'll report my view when done.

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