Remote boot opening - Toyota Carina - AZ
The remote boot opening from inside my Toyota Carina e has stopped working. Opening with the key it is ok. With the boot open,and lifting the remote lever,does seem to operate the mechanism,but when boot is shut it doesn\'t. Is this a common problem.
Remote boot opening - Toyota Carina - MB
Are you sure it\'s not locked shut. Try opening it with the key to get it back into sync with the central locking. My Avensis does the above as a security measure...
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Remote boot opening - Toyota Carina - Altea Ego
Is it a cable operated one or electrical?

As it apears to be working with the boot open, it obviously does not have enough ooooomph to work it when it has pressure on it. If its cable, the cable has stretched. Try lubricating the lock, adjusting the boot bump stops to ease the pressure on the boot. Adjust the latch for the same effect.

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