Question to Passat owners about... - msm
...fuel comsumption.

I have a Passat 1.8T and find my mpg, according to the computer, has dropped from 29mpg in September to 23mpg now. The load is the same, my driving style is the same, the routes I take are the same. The only thing that has happened in between is a service at VW.

I've had it checked by VW who say there is no problem, but I'm not convinced since I had a temp gauge problem which according to them did not exist but I changed the temp sensor and the problem is sorted. VW also told me to expect between 26-30mpg around town, is that accurate?

On a run from London to Luton I averaged 33mpg on the short run computer reading, but the long term readings increased my mpg from 22 to 23. I wonder if the mpg I am getting is normal or could there be a fault somewhere?

The car's idle is the same as before, around 800rpm. A friend drives a 3.0 Omega and gets about 20mpg around town, so I'm not a whole lot better off than him.

Question to Passat owners about... - Dynamic Dave
Maybe the computer is giving false readings - it happens. Try brimming the tank, driving as per usual, then brim the tank again and manually calculate the mpg.
Question to Passat owners about... - msm
Done that Dave and the manual calculations are almost the same as the computer. The fact that post service the fuel eco just dropped drastically is what I can't figure out.

Question to Passat owners about... - smokie
isn't there a thread somewhere about the colder weather reducing consumption?


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