Passat Headlight Adjustment. - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
I want to adjust my main beams of a 2002 model Passat to be higher . Also would like to point the offside beam further across to the centre of the road. There is a dark hole at present that I'd like to fill.
There are a couple of socket head adjuster screws each side.
I've twiddled them with the car pointing at the garage door but can't see any difference.
Are the higher power 'blue' bulbs worth a try as well?
Passat Headlight Adjustment. - RoadDevil
Your best bet is to take the car to an MOT test station and get the headlights aligned correctly using the proper beam setting equipment. Most new cars seem to have the lights far too low from the factory. I suspect it's supposed to be set correctly as part of the dealer's PDI but most dont seem to bother especially if they aren't an MOT station so don't have the equipment. I've just had mine done on a 2001 car, stood there and watched to make sure it really got done, having asked another garage to check it last year whilst servicing the car they returned it saying 'within MOT standard'. When checked the other day they were so low I don't think they were ever right. I can see where I'm going now! If you try to adjust them yourself you risk dazzling oncoming traffic.

As for bulbs, anything with a blue coating to the bulb will reduce the light output and make you look like a boy racer. The only bulbs worth considering are Osram Silver Stars and Philips Vision Plus, both are 50% brighter type bulbs available from I'm not sure you'd notice much difference with H7 bulbs as the standard ones use 30% brighter technology anyway.

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