Toyota Rav4 Gear box and squeaks! - SeanC
I have just purchased a brand new Rav4 from a main Toyota dealership in Kent and the gearbox is giving cause for concern. It is a less than smooth transmission into second gear from first and there is a variety of clicks and squeaks when driving the car. I bought the car on 30 September and within a fortnight it was back at the dealer being investigated. I took it, at their suggestion, for a second opinion and two Toyota mechanics have voiced their concern. The delaer from whom I bought the vehicle has resisted calls for a refund or new vehicle claiming it is under warranty, but this is still unacceptable as the faults were there from the beginning. Their repairs would invlove stripping the gearbox which requires the engine to be removed!!

Am I right in thinking that under consumer law I can demand a refund or replacement vehcile? What would others do?

Toyota Rav4 Gear box and squeaks! - Perturbed
I find the change from 1st to 2nd is certainly not to be hurried on the Rav or it gets "baulky" Other than that the gearbox on mine (about 8 months old now) is silky smooth

There shouldn't be too many rattles and squeeks, but if there is you should get this sorted out by the main dealer. If your interested in Tech Service Bulletins or general info on this car check out

In terms of what your describing on the gearbox though, I would be rejecting the car formally back to the dealer with a written letter. Have a look here:

Toyota Rav4 Gear box and squeaks! - PhilW
I'm sorry, but it must be your imagination. Toyotas (or any Japanese car for that matter) just do not have faults. Are you sure it isn't a rebadged Citroen or Renault? (or Fiat, Alfa, Rover, Ford, Vauxhall, VW?) If so you have grounds for rejection!!!


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