Escort lacked power then stopping - mak
I would appreciate any help. The wife was driving the escort,1991 1300cc HCS manual choke,to work when she noticed that it was lacking in power to the extent that she expected it to stop. This was gradual say 1/2 mile but eventually came to a halt. When I arrived after 1/2 hr it started and ran ok for the rest of the journey. The return trip was ok aswell.
At first I expected fuel starvation, it does not have an inline filter, but as it started ok and runs ok since I have discounted this. Could it be the ignition coil? Is this a warning that something is on its way out? As you may expect, we now have no confidence in say overtacking just in case the same happens again. Many thanks for any ideas.
Escort lacked power then stopping - Dynamic Dave
Sounds like the usual carb icing up problem that happens this time of year. Check to see if the air intake is taking in warm air from the exhaust.
Escort lacked power then stopping - jc
Or is it a swing-spout on these;if so twist the air-cleaner spout down as close to the exhaust manifold as possible.
Escort lacked power then stopping - DL
Ah....carb icing - a thing of the past in these days of fuel injection!

"Bye Bye" carburettor icing and "hello" complex engine management fault!

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Escort lacked power then stopping - jc
You can still get occasional throttle plate icing even with FI.
Escort lacked power then stopping - NARU
I had this a long time ago in a 1998 Orion 1400. If your car is the same, there isn't an adjustable air intake pipe, but instead an 'automatic' device to select either hot or cold air. This can fail - I don't think it was expensive to replace.

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