Pug 106 cutting out - Hawesy1982
Hi everyone, todays problem - my mates T Reg Peugeot 106 1.1

It had been raining heavily all last night (don't know if this has any relevance or not)

He went to start it as normal in the morning, and it would turn-over but not catch. He says it sounded 'weird' when turning over, there was a squeal (probably wet belts?) and it just 'sounded funny'.

After 5 or 6 attempts, it caught and started, but only a few yards down the road it started 'chugging' and then cut-out, unable to restart at the time due to being late for work and so therefore used a different car.

I could give a few suggestions as to the initial starting problem, spark plugs old, battery knackered etc, but i wouldn't have thought either of these would cause it to cut-out again after a successful start? I wasn't there myself so im only going on his description of the problem.

Any ideas? He's supposed to be driving to Stockport tonight from Maidenhead!


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