Xantia Rear Doors Not Opening. :( - Dave_Crampton

My rear doors have stopped opening. They started one at a time, i.e. one would stick and the door would remain as if locked when the car was unlocked. Then it would open normally one day and break again the next. Now both door won't open at all. I thought it might be electrical but even manually unlocking the door doesn't do it and besides the locking button on the door moves with the central locking. I can hear the central locking operating but the door handles don't seem to be engaging the lock on the door. I thought then that it might be a loose coccection but the windows open and close fine. As I said above, its been an intermittant fault where one will open and the other won't, swapping over at random. Now both are locked tight. I'm about to pull the inside covers off the door from the inside, have you any ideas? >:( I don't have kids but its handy when giving lifts etc and when the rear seats are down. I don't want to have to take it to the dealer as I know its going to get expensive especially now the rear doors won't open at all. So if I can fix it myself I'd be much happier. (No offence Citroen Dealers) ANY IDEAS OUT THERE???


Dave Crampton :)

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