Land Rover Defender - The Grey Man
What would be a rough value for a Land Rover Defender 90 2.5d T/Cab April 1997, circa 65k miles? Poor to Fair condition.

Can't find a web site that values "vans" for free.

Thanks in advance
Land Rover Defender - Dwight Van Driver
LRO Owner International Mag shows 90\'s 1993-1998 ranging from 4 to 9K

These advertised for sale 96(2) 10k - 6.5k
99 at 16k.

If MM doesn\'t come along then try floating your question on the Defender Forum at

Land Rover Defender - Hugo {P}
I may be proved wrong, but I suspect you're looking at £5.5 to £6.5 grand.

Land Rover Defender - terryb
Grey Man

Have a look at the Brightwells Country Auctions site for going auction rates:

The catalogues and results section gives CAP clean values for all sorts of things!


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