Volvo D5 Fuel problem - Durelli

I've had problems with a Volvo D5, story is in Discussion. I've now heard from the dealer who is unsure as to what the situation is.

Basically I had problems starting, to the extent the car wouldn't start.
They swapped the Fuel pump and gave the car back.
It failed again after 1200 miles and a few days. Another fuel pump, and it still wont start, so now they've swapped the fuel injectors, and it appears OK and they want me to pick it up.

But, the fuel injectors had not failed. They were still within tolerance.

They admit they don't know what as caused the problem and can't give any guarentee that it won't happen again.

So far they have spent about £4,000 plus labour to investigate the problem and the car as been off the road for 10 days.

Any idea on what the problem could be, How sensible the fix is and any other tips on the approach I should take with the dealer. I've already asked about them giving me a free extended warranty.


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