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My recently acquired 97 pug 306 meridian is putting out a lot of exhaust at the moment - (this has become more apparent in the colder weather) - even when the engine is idling. The first couple of minutes motoring are fine, but then the exhaust starts to build up.

I\'ve had the standard gas tests which show the contents of the exhaust to be spot on. Is there anything that I can do - I\'m shrouding cars behind me with exhaust, especially when pulling away from traffic lights in the morning!

too much exhaust? - smokie
The panel will need to know if it is blue or white exhaust.
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and also whether the engine is petrol or diesel
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too much exhaust? - terminally bewildered
Apologies. The engine is a 1.6 petrol, and the exhaust fumes are white. The guy who did the gas test said that it was just water vapour. To my mind, though, there's just too much of it.

Thanks for your help.
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With the recent change in weather, it is highly likely to be water vapour from an engine still warming up.

I had a Vauxhall Vectra GSi that until the engine was totally warmed up (and I mean TOTALLY), with weather like we have now, on accelerating the condensation would increase from mild vapour stream to a cloud sufficient in volume and density to hide a battleship.

If your coolant level is not dropping, the cloud disappears when the engine is thoroughly warmed up, and emissions measurements are truly correct, I wouldn't worry.
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Definately water vapour, all cars seem to be emitting more of it in this colder weather of late.

Nothing to worry about..

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too much exhaust? - terminally bewildered
Thanks for all the replies so far.

A friend of mine has suggested trying something called a "Pilot Green" device. It's apparently a magetic device (sheilded) that clips onto the fuel line just before the carb. Story goes that it improves fuel efficiency, lowers emmissions and cleans the carb and exhaust system. Anyone heard of this? Do they work?
too much exhaust? - SjB {P}
Well, pigs fly.
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Re: Pilot Green.

See this previous thread.
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As you appear not very technical lets try this. Put a metal baking tray in the freezer for an hour then go for a 10/15 minute drive and return home. leave the engine running and go get the baking tray. Hold this tray face up at 30 degrees or so the exhaust gases are flowing up and over the tray. You will no doubt see condensation forming on the tray Thus water. White smoke, not steam is indicative of excess oil burning which would be picked up as excess hyrocarbons in the gas test. If you look and smell around you I suspect you will not see the smoke last for more than a couple of seconds and no burnt type smells. Hopefully you will have lots of condensation on the tray ( Wear a glove or you'll freeze you fingure prints onto the tray ) and no lingering smoke. Regards Peter That is the most non technical I have ever been, Scarey !!


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