re gear change toyota celica - alapppy

I have recently taken delivery of a new celica with six speed box..I find it very difficult to engage third gear esp when the car is cold. in fact all the gears are stiff! The car has 850 miles on the clock

The dealer has said that will will run in after a few that likely or are they having me on.

I have never heard of new boxes being stiff?


re gear change toyota celica - Aprilia
Dealer is probably right. Manual box synchro mechanism is in fact a form of 'clutch' and sometimes requires a certain amount of bedding-in until it operates without baulking. Couple of thousand miles should do it.
re gear change toyota celica - runboy
SLighty connected comment. The gear change in my 2003 Corolla is notchy-apparantly a Toyota trait, and I can't rush a 1st to 2nd change or it will bark back at me. Has loosened up though as the miles go on.
re gear change toyota celica - Dynamic Dave
Did you manage to sort out a refund on the Mazda with the clutch problems?

Whatever are you doing to these new cars?
re gear change toyota celica - arnold2
See my thread :

For goodness sake, insist your dealers looks at this - I wish I had ! And don't be put of by that 'it get's better' nonsense - it doesn't !

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