Vauxhall Omega - Greedy4P
I have a VX Omega 2.2i CD Auto saloon.
I have purchased a Gizmo that fits on the Pipe just in front of the carburetter(Injector), which is claimed to increase MPG.
My problem is, I cannot locate this Pipe/carburetter(Injector),
can anyone help, apart from purchasing a Workshop manual etc.
Assistance would be much appreciated

Vauxhall Omega - Stargazer {P}
Leave it in the box and just imagine that you have fitted might even improve the MPG, this has just as much chance as actually fitting it.

sorry but you have been had.

Ian L.
Vauxhall Omega - Greedy4P
Thanks for your reply,
I purchased it on sale or return from QVC.
I would like to fit it and see, so any idea how to fit it.
any help would be appreciated
Vauxhall Omega - colin macdonald
2 options

option 1...jam it under the accelerater thus reducing the flow of fuel via the throttle mechanism .

option 2...Return it to the shop and exchange it for a a lovely big set of orange and black furry dice.

only kidding mate,these things are supposed to interfere with your fuel using ions or something just as good as that ,please in future before you buy visit this site and ask if it is indeed worth the fuel you will use going to purchase the item
Vauxhall Omega - Greedy4P
Thanks for you reply,
yes it is supposed to work be aligning the petrol atoms?
I would like to install it, and see if it really does work.
I will post the results up on this board,
If I ever get to fit it

Vauxhall Omega - Sooty Tailpipes
I would send it back, the car is too modern to have it's stoicheometry interferred with.
Vauxhall Omega - smokie
Greedy, I don't know the answer but at least you may have got a sensible answer from Sooty (if only I knew what that word meant!).

Advice from more knowledgable people here has been not only to ignore these devices as they haven't yet been proven to work, but more importantly some (probably more in the Additives line) could conceivably have a detrimental effect by altering the characteristics of the fuel.

However, someone will no doubt answer your question shortly and I look forward to your feedback.
Vauxhall Omega - Stargazer {P}

My flippant reply was somewhat in exasperation. As a scientist I cannot believe that people buy this sort of thing on the marketing hype.

For examples see:

The department of transport and energy have a large report on testing these devices:

I suggest downloading and reading carefully, these types of devices have been tested by independent organisations and have not yet been shown to make a measureable difference under strictly controlled conditions.

If QVC will give you your money back then return it and save your money.


Ian L.
Vauxhall Omega - Stargazer {P}

And some more evaluation study info from the EPA in the US....quite a comprehensive list of devices tested non of which give a significant improvement in fuel consumption, some of which made a small but measureable difference under careful laboratory conditions.
Vauxhall Omega - Dynamic Dave

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