Rover 75 Dti 130 vs. Volvo S60 D5 - KeithJ

My Dad's trying to decide between these two cars; Can anyone offer an opinion?

Rover 75 Dti 130 vs. Volvo S60 D5 - No Do$h
Personal purchase or company car?
Rover 75 Dti 130 vs. Volvo S60 D5 - SjB {P}
Well, Rover are one of my customers, and having had the opportunity to try many, I find the 75/75 Tourer/ZT/ZT-T to be excellent products in all but basic 1.8 guise.

However, my brother has a V70 D5 auto, and this engine knocks spots off the BMW unit in the Rover. Torque delivery, performance, and economy are all top drawer, as is refinement. Sure, in terms of absolute silence it is not the same as my V70 2.4T, but it's pretty close, and even the engine note sounds good! (No mundane four cyclinder diesel 'boom', instead a nice five-pot cultured growl)

Many people will tell you to steer clear of Rover, but I speak as I find, and in my experience have found their products (I owned a 420 GSi) to be reliable. Many colleagues drive 75 and ZT models, and all are enthusiastic about them, and their reliability. We also now have a rising number of ZS models in the car park, and these are proving reliable too.

My father has been running new Volvos since 1972, usually keeping them for ten years, though in the case of Mum's 440 GLi, fourteen totall reliable years, and rising. He currently has a S80 2.4, which he's owned for five years from new, and which has also been totally reliable. Early days yet for for March 2003 V70 2.4T, and my brother's late 2002 V70 D5, but the omens are good.

Finally, I originally wanted a Maya Gold S60, but ended up buying the V70 because I found the rear head and leg room to be very restricted, and the price paid for having the nicest shape of any saloon car on sale, in my opinion.

If choice is limited to only being an S60 or a 75, and space is important, I'd go for the Rover. If space is less important, and pace more so, I'd go for the Volvo.
Rover 75 Dti 130 vs. Volvo S60 D5 - peterb
I test drove both in petrol form a couple of years ago. I thought the Volvo was much better built than the Rover and found it more comfortable.

Of course the D5 should be *much* faster than the Rover.
Rover 75 Dti 130 vs. Volvo S60 D5 - Big Cat
They're both fine cars. You just need to test drive them as some hate the Rover's retro interior, others (like me) love it. Also see who will give you the best deal.
Rover 75 Dti 130 vs. Volvo S60 D5 - andymc {P}
Speaking of the 75, the top-spec Connoisseur SE CDT (diesel) tends to be a bit of a rare find on the used market, in my area at least. Bearing that in mind, I've just spotted a year 2000 model with satnav and "colour tv" (although that probably just means a colour screen for the satnav) for £7995.

If the cost to change was right I might trade in the Passat (just can't enjoy its wallowy drive) and chip the Rover up to 131 PS. Dealer says the car comes with an RAC inspection and a year's warranty. Sight unseen, the only drawback I can think of is that it's put 130000 miles behind it - a bit higher than I would usually consider. As far as I'm aware the CDT has a chaincam engine - I'd welcome being corrected about this if I'm wrong. Also, being a 2000 car it's Oxford built according to the CBCB, so I'd be checking for rust on door bottoms and lower edge of boot. Any thoughts from the BR?
Rover 75 Dti 130 vs. Volvo S60 D5 - A Dent{P}
Hi Andymc,

I?ve had my eye on R75 Club SE CDT?s all year through a number of sites.
Several 65K examples have gone from £8995 to £8495 and then still sat on the forecourts, they probably went for less than 8K. With 130K mileage, even for a Conny SE I?d offer 6.5K to the dealer, but personally I want a lower mileage example. Look at the tyres, you may need to budget £400 for new boots all round so it?s another bargaining point. I read from the CBCB that the black sill jobs are Oxford, if they are body coloured it?s alright. The engine has a chain driven cam as you noted.
Beside tyres, the shocks will be on their last legs at 130K and you also want to spend £500 on the chip, getting expensive this car, even if nothing else is wrong. Provided the price is right it might be attractive.
If you go to look at it leave your brain on high alert.
Just noticed your location, explains why you find them rare. The above prices were in southern England. Best of luck.
Rover 75 Dti 130 vs. Volvo S60 D5 - A Dent{P}
I should have also said, those were none franshised dealer prices.
Franchised prices are always higher
Rover 75 Dti 130 vs. Volvo S60 D5 - andymc {P}
Thanks for the reply Arthur, the shocks were one thing I just forgot to consider - ironic considering it's the ride I find irritating about the Passat. Tyres I wouldn't be too worried about as my own are due for replacement anyway. Thing is, cost to change is the real outlay - I would hope for around £6k for my motor (unrealistic optimist or not) and I don't imagine any dealer would want to do a straight swap, and in any case my car is one year older, albeit with 30k less miles on the clock. Crucially, it had new shocks all round when I got it, as well as front suspension bushes, so there shouldn't be a risk of those failing any time soon. But it nags at me that the engine of the Rover would be more durable than the one in the Passat, given the chain/belt cam difference. If only I could just pop over to southern England and have my choice of Conn SE's ...

You know, I've just asked myself "do I actually want satnav and cruise control?", and the answer is no - never felt the need for either. Think I just had a dose of the head-staggers! If I do take the time to go & look at this motor, it will be with very beady eyes. Thanks again for your input.

Rover 75 Dti 130 vs. Volvo S60 D5 - Durelli
See my entry elsewhere re Volvo D5 engine problems elsewhere.

Basically a V70 D5, 1 year old, 30k miles spent 10 days off road so far and had 2 fule pumps and 1 set of fuel injectors fitted to try and get round it.

The fule pumps are £1250 each fitted, not sure on the injectors.

So once out of warranty, an expensive beast to maintain.

I don't know, but Rover may well have cheaper servicing / parts.


Durelli - son of a famous Italian tyre maker
Rover 75 Dti 130 vs. Volvo S60 D5 - 3500S
My experience of seeking out a dealer used R75 were that anything CDT with a Connoisseur trim level was rare on average (15,000 mile/year) miles. They were nearly all high milers (80,000+) at 3 years old. Thing is the engine is really only just warmed up, it'll probably out last the rest of the car.

I bought a 75 Conn 131 CDT pre-reg'd with the full balance of the warranty after test driving a TDI 130 Passat which the R75 won hands down for the quality of the interior, the ride and (I'm going to start an argument here)and the general build quality seemed better. I haggled the chip into the pre-reg'd price with a CD player and a grand off.

I didn't entertain the equivalent Volvo, an S40, due to the larger number of recalls.

I can't fault the 75 at all, there's very little diesel noise or external noise in the car, outside the climate control pump and compressor almost drown out the engine noise. As a diesel, it's very quiet once warm. It has a much flatter and wider torque curve on the chipped version and I still get around 40-42mpg even on the charge down the motorway to work. The running costs on servicing I'm told are amongst the most competitive in the sector. It has a 15,000 mile interval and apparently the chain-cam is a doddle to change.

I recommend them and I'd get another one after this one but I'm planning on keeping this for a least 5 years+

The one thing I would recommend is tyres though, make sure it has some quality rubber it makes a hell of a difference to the ride and noise levels inside the car (it's still ultra quiet in there regardless)

Give one a test drive, they are surprisingly good cars.
Rover 75 Dti 130 vs. Volvo S60 D5 - jIIspb
3500s...thanks for the insurnce help, its now sorted after many phone calls churchill have agreed to cover me at the cdti price. as regards to your write up in this section, i'm only getting 31 mpg around town, your saying you get 40-42mph under what driving conditions is this based. apart from por mpg i cannot fault the r75 con se cdt(soon to be chipped)
Rover 75 Dti 130 vs. Volvo S60 D5 - 3500S
Motorway 75%, Extra Urban 15%, Urban 10%. I know the urban cycle on the car isn't great.


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