Best/Cheapest tyres. - Johno
My 1992 Renault Clio 16v 'finally' needs two new rear tyres. Kwik-Fit has quoted £300 to fit two Michelin 188/55 V 15 SXV1. Admittedly, this includes £50 for tracking, which they say may not be required. This still seems very expensive to me. I have Michelin's on the front. Is it a good idea to mix brands front/rear. If so, any cheaper brands to recommend? Found tyres a lot cheaper on the Web but wonder the reaction turning up at my local fitters asking the charge to fit them. Any special deals you know of in the Dartford, Kent area.
Any useful advice you have to recommend appreciated.
Best/Cheapest tyres. - guss
not surprising have never found kwik fit competitive! try ringing around your local independent tyre suppliers or if you want michelin costco seem to be the best(you need to be a member)
Best/Cheapest tyres. - Roger Jones
If you are willing to travel to Enfield, the nearest branch of the Protyre group, you may find very keen prices and very competent service. HJ's favourite, Micheldever Tyres, belongs to this group:
Best/Cheapest tyres. - paulb {P}
If you're an AA member you might care to give your local AA Service Centre a look - I recently had a perfectly good pair of Avon 165/70 R14s put on my wife's Punto for £90 fitted, including balancing etc. Not even (very) friendly local garage could beat that. And unlike all my previous visits to Kwik-Fit, I didn't have to take it back three times to get the tracking re-adjusted - right first go, and top-notch customer service, too.
Best/Cheapest tyres. - v8man
That is an utter rip off. Is the tracking adjustable on the rear of a Clio? It is on my Rover 800 Vitesse Turbo. I bought my tyres from Chesington Tyres in Eastbourne - I don't know if you have a branch but they are very competitive. My Firestone 205/55ZR/16 tyres were £105 fitted each.
Best/Cheapest tyres. - Pugugly {P}

National agreed to fit them to sister\'s Puma for £8.00 each valved and balanced.
Best/Cheapest tyres. - Miller
Have the tyres they quoted you got diamonds embedded in the tread?! £50 for tracking?! They are having a laugh surely!

I'm a loser, why don't you kill me?!
Best/Cheapest tyres. - Doc
Try Dartford Tyres, Watling Street, Bexleyheath.

Best/Cheapest tyres. - eMBe {P}
>.. Kwik-Fit has quoted £300 to fit two Michelin 188/55 V 15 SXV1. ..>>

Book online at
and the price is only £109 (including fitting, disposal, balancing, new valves, VAT )per Michelin 185/55 V 15 SXV1 tyre.
Best/Cheapest tyres. - P.Mason {P}
I have had A.T.S.'Euromaster' tyres fitted to my last two cars,(Peugeot 305 and Civic Aerodeck) and have been very pleased with the grip,longevity and lack of road noise.
Four tyres cost me £211 inc. VAT, valves, balancing and environmental disposal of the old tyres.
They also offer tyre insurance - a pro-rata discount on new tyres according to tread depth if the tyre is damaged beyond repair.
I have no connection with the company apart from being a satisfied customer.
Best/Cheapest tyres. - Stuartli
All the major quick fit specialists currently have special offers for buying two or four types at present from top brand makes.

Alternatively a copy of Yellow Pages and a few phone calls should bring up plenty of reasonable offers.

You get what you pay for with tyres - it's unwise to skimp..:-)
Best/Cheapest tyres. - billy25
can't understand anyone *PAYING* to have the old tyres disposed of!
i always bring them home,then take them to the local farmer,he uses hundreds of them to hold his silage sheets in place,and his motto is "more the merrier".
Best/Cheapest tyres. - Nsar
Anyone got any experience of "Stunner" tyres?
Best/Cheapest tyres. - Robbie
Anyone got any experience of "Stunner" tyres?

I have a pair on the rear of my Omega V6. The tread pattern looks fine and they have worn well. No complaint about grip.

The ones I have are omnidirectional as Stunner also do some which must be fitted in one direction only. Mine were fitted by a main Vauxhall dealer which has serviced my car from new, and I trust the judgement of their service manager.

I understand they are made by one of the big manufacturers but can't remember who.


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