1999 VW Golf..rear washer failure - daryld
This is a known but infuriating nuisance problem with Mk IV VW Golfs. HJ has this listed in his car by car breakdown and my wife's car is suffering from exactly the same problem.

The rear screen washer pipe has disconnected somehwere around the passenger-side C-pillar (area between rear hatch and rear door). As a result the blue-tinted washer fluid has stained the pale interior roof trim. From inside the car I can see no easy way of removing the vertical interior panel trim located between the rear parcel shelf and the rear door.

So the question is how do I access the washer-fluid hose located behind the trim? Do the interior roof/side panels 'pop out'or is it a job for the VW stealership (yes, car is out of warranty)??
1999 VW Golf..rear washer failure - Ian D
If you can't get access by lowering the trim and roof lining try getting some ring main cable (i.e one of the strands of 2.5mm twin + earth) and try fishing the wire to somewhere near the C post, if you can get the end of the wire there you should be able to pull through some new washer pipe/put in a join and fish through the rest.

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