SORN - John Kenyon
A bit of advice when declaring SORN.

If you have a V11 form - make sure you use it.
Fill it in and then take it down to your local post office.
Then the post office will give you a receipt stating that you paid £0.00
to declare SORN. The piece of paper also has your registration printed on it.

The only other alternative is to use a V890 which needs to be sent to Swansea.
If Swansea don't received it/lose it, you will receive a nice letter in the post
asking you to pay a fixed penalty.

Even if you present a certificate of posting, you are stuffed.
Even if you can prove that DVLA received it (by sending recorded delivery) you
are stuffed.

The only way you can ensure that you won't receive that fixed penalty is by
ensuring that it's typed into the computer - and how the hell are you supposed
to do that?

Re: SORN - Brian
Good advice.
Maybe HJ will repeat it in his column?
Re: SORN - David Woollard

Don't normally have a great deal to do with SORN.

But bought this Land Rover the other month that will be ages going back on the road, if ever.

It is a tax exempt but that doesn't change the SORN postition. I had no idea where it stood from the previous owners point of view but the TAX/MOT was out.

When I sent off the V5 to put it in my name I attached a note to declare SORN. When the V5 came back there was nothing to indicate SORN status. Phoning the DVLA helpline was inconclusive. I went in two post offices and asked for a form to declare SORN, both said there was no such form and you just waited for a tax reminder and declared it on that. What if you bought the vehicle witout tax and no reminder arrived I asked.....bogush like Hmmmmmmmmm.

Went into a third post office where the guy was on the ball and explained you could download and print the SORN form from the DVLA website, and so I did this. Sent it in with a covering note and had a compliments slip (dated with DVLA stamp) back to confirm SORN from my date of purchase.

So OK now but all the onus was on the "customer" to push against wrong advice.

Re: SORN - honest john
I will try to print John's posting on 6th October.

Re: SORN - Dave N
I had the same thing. Sent the SORN to local Post Office as requested. Only when I came to transfer cherished number did I find out it never got to Swansea. Got lost somewhere along the way.

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