Omega back brakes - Ian J
I am having great difficulty in extracting the inner back brake pad on the drivers side of my omega - it just dosent seem to want to budge. Any help would be gratefully received. If I could get it out I can push back the piston ok. my difficulty is in shifting it initially so that I can extract it. I have been able to replace the outer without too much difficulty.
Many thanks for any helpful suggestions.
Omega back brakes - Ian J
In case this may be of help to someone else - I replaced inner rear pad by releasing bleed nipple and using grips to retract the piston sufficiently to enable me to get some movement in the disk pad. After a lot of rocking back and forward pad came out albeit in two pieces since the back plate had separated from the brake material. I suspect the pad had corroded in the caliper.
Piston was fairly free and retracted very easily.

Omega back brakes - Dizzy {P}

Pity none of us were able to come up with the suggestions you asked for but you obviously found the answer yourself. It was good to see your 'how I did it' report and this is sure to be of help to others sometime.

I suppose releasing the bleed nipple made it easier for the piston to retract as it didn't have to push fluid right back up to the master cylinder. Perhaps you also found, as I have done in the past, that the piston retracts more easily if the pressure is applied to it as directly along its centreline as possible. It seems to me that pushing it on one side makes it tilt slightly and tend to stick. I know, this is all a bit late now!
Omega back brakes - Sooty Tailpipes
Thanks, I will be doing the Omega rear pads soon, discs/drum assy and handbrake shoes too ! :o(

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